Losses and Names

Gatsby with a Teddy Bear after Ruckus died

Sometimes God comes with fur.

The week before the pups were born, Gatsby was killed.  Maybe he was upset about the new puppy and committed suicide, but it seems that he got in a tangle with some stronger creature and lost.  I found his body down behind an empty house in the neighborhood, brought him home, and buried him in the back yard.  I was devastated.

Losing Ruckus was bad enough, but Gatsby had been my consolation and my protection from being completely alone.  Now he was gone and I went into a funk--even before some creature dug him up and I found myself outside in the rain in my pajamas burying poor Gatsby a second time.  To pull myself out, I turned my focus on the puppy.

Once it was determined that there were enough pups for me to receive one (breeders get top priority and I just wanted a pet), I had the opportunity to watch the pups grow week by week as pictures were posted on the Lakeside Run website.  I would be able to get a pup at 8 weeks, although which pup I received would be determined by the breeder.

Every Friday I rushed to the site to see the new batch of pictures, and I began thinking about names.  In my latest book, God With Skin On: Finding God's Love in Human Relationships, I have a chapter called God With Fur On about how animals, and especially our pets, can show us God's love.  In my SpiritWalkers blog I wrote about how Gatsby was God With Fur on for me when Ruckus died.  With all of that mixed together, I decided to name the new puppy after...well...God.

Of course I didn't yet know which puppy I would get and whether it would be a male or female, so I settled on Dia (God in Irish Gaelic) for a female and Deo (God in Latin) for a male.

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