Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments



This four-volume series will look at social justice issues through the lens of the Ten Commandments. It is designed for small groups, and each volume will be designed to take six weeks in 90-minutes sessions. There will be both a participant book and easy-to-follow leader's guide for each volume.

The first volume, Priorities, will be available in Q2 of 2019.
     Commandments covered:
          No other gods.
          No graven images.
          Don't take God's name in vain.

     Social issues covered:
          Nationalism, Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, American Exceptionalism, Guns, Partisan Politics, Separation of Church and State, Taking a Knee, Removal of Confederate Monuments, the US Flag Code, America First,  and Wealth Inequality.

Subsequent volumes will be released at a rate of approximately one per year. You can find out more about the progress of the series and donate to help with production by visiting massbible.org. https://www.massbible.org/exploring-justice.

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