Where Are the Posts?


The reason for my infrequent posts of late.

It has been a very, very difficult year since becoming my mother's financial guardian; and the reasons I had to take that step, the family break with my stepfather, the legal challenges and the financial ruin I am trying to sort out have made posting difficult. The things that consume my mind and my heart often cannot be written in this kind of forum.

Mother is still with us...although that remains a relative term. She does not know me when I go, and has not for some time. Sometimes she has not even responded to my visit at all. It's a catch 22, since I am depressed when I go and feel guilty when I don't. She will be 78 years old on May 26. I have not been there in months. Do I take 7 hours out of my day to go and see her sleep for a bit? It is such a bitter pill.

I am grateful for Rob and Stephanie who only live a half an hour from the Clough Center and are taking care of her day to day needs as I take care of her legal affairs from afar.

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